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When you think of candles, you may think of them as having just one function: lighting up. But they can be so much more than that – especially during the holidays! Read on for 6 ways to use candles this holiday season.

Give as Gifts

When it comes to gift-giving, candles make it easy on both the giver and the recipient, as they combine options with simplicity. They're available in a wide range of colors and scents, so there's at least one for everybody – and they're nearly always a hit. Plus, they're great for any budget, with plenty of options from under $20 spanning up to bundles, gift sets and more. Most importantly, gifting candles is a touching way to spread comfort and joy to loved ones' homes – two keystones of the holidays.

Decorate Your Home

The options are limitless when it comes to decorating your home with candles, but here are a few holiday-oriented approaches to start with:

Pair with winter décor – or combine the two with fun winter-styled candles!

Place on ledges, mantles, and coffee tables – the life of fire outshines non-seasonal decor and is easily complemented by pinecones and berries and the like.

Put them in a wreath or candle ring.

Group candles together – and try staggering them with varying heights for an aesthetic display. It's been stated that an odd number of candles is more pleasing to the eye than even (but that's completely up to you)!

Light in Commemoration

The simple act of lighting a candle can have deep, resounding meaning during the holidays. It's a symbol of new light, warmth, and hope. Whether to celebrate, remember, or commemorate a loved one, lighting candles can be a therapeutic way to bring peace to your holiday season.

Candle-Lit Holiday Dinners

Whether a romantic get-together or a family gathering, lighting candles at dinner time adds a sense of peace and togetherness. It sets the scene and tone of the meal, often creating a relaxing and de-stressed atmosphere. The warm, soft lighting is easier on the eyes and can even be complementary to facial features. Hands down, there's no other mealtime lighting quite like it.

Create Holiday Smells

Adding the right aroma to your home can immediately transform it into a more holiday-ready space. Scents of homemade, hand-baked goods like Papa's Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Banana Nut Bread, and Homemade Gingerbread create a welcoming holiday atmosphere. Scents that honor cold weather such as Tinseltown, Welcome Wreath, and Holiday Homecoming offer a more festive, wintry appeal.

Meditate and relax

The holidays are a time of gratitude – and a great way to practice that is by stopping, breathing, and reflecting. Whether aromatherapy or otherwise, candles help set a soothing, relaxing ambiance in which to rest and be thankful.


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